Monday, May 2, 2011

Atheistic Myths #1

It's probably fairly obvious by now, as I have been late on blog posts two months in a row, but it is fairly hard to write about Atheism without feedback month after month. We are almost two years in and I've already re-wrote topics and posted about nonsense. However, I still think this blog should continue. If any theist ever finds this blog and wants to learn about Atheism, I want them to have up-to-date information. On that note, I think we should look back on the old myths of Atheism and correct them with our modern knowledge.

"There are no Atheists in Fox Holes."

This has been around for quite some time. The problem is, while the strain of combat is enough to alter the mental state of any person, this does not guarantee that all Atheists, when placed into a combat situation, will instantly convert to one religion or another. In fact, it is not very often at all that anyone changes their religious views, even during the strain of combat. Personalities will drastically change before reasoning and logic.

On the other side, it is also possible for this to work on those who already have strong religious views. While it is just as likely as converting an Atheist, it is possible for anyone to change religions or lose their faith entirely. As such, not only are their Atheists who remain as Atheists while within fox holes, there are brand new Atheists being created because of them.

For more information, and actual letters from Atheists placed into such situations with their lack of faith intact, see this article: