Monday, October 1, 2012

Ritual Posting

Today is the third anniversary of this blog. It is now three years old. Like anything else that's turning three years old today, it has less to do with supporters and more to do with a kind of stubbornness to survive. At the time of this writing, it has a grand total of two followers. But, I suppose it's better than nothing, especially if they are actually reading these entries.

In celebration of this blog's birthday, I've decided to pose a question of my own, to myself, so that I may answer it. I know, what else is new or unusual? However, this time is slightly different. This question is one that I have never heard before, but I think should be asked constantly.

"Why do Atheists celebrate birthdays?"

It amazes me how many people don't question this practice. Birthday celebrations are originally a pagan ritual. It was believed that evil spirits were especially attracted to someone on the day of their birth, so friends and family would gather around that individual and would bring good thoughts and wishes, as opposed to cake and presents. At least, that's one of the more popular origins of Birthdays. No one is entirely sure where they originated.

Still, it is a spiritual ritual, all the same, and a superstition surrounds this ritual on all sides. So why do we celebrate them?

Getting past the fact that some probably don't, there is nothing wrong with celebrating a Birthday. Atheists typically celebrate their Birthdays in the fashion their parents did, passing it on like a tradition. Some eat cake, some break piƱatas, almost all of them give and receive presents. Some of them even go through the superstitious portions of the ritual, like making a wish.

The bottom line is, we celebrate out of habit. That's how all holidays go for us. We enjoy the celebrating and see no reason our lack of belief should get in the way of having fun.

So, Happy Birthday, Land of Disillusionment. May there be many more, and hopefully some more guests at the next party.