Friday, June 1, 2012

Accurate Corrections

It's quite rare when I find an actual question being asked of Atheists. Typically I have to dig through various websites or create one based on debates that I have with people. This time, however, I have a real question asked of Atheists all the time. This question was stated by a Theist a while ago and has never been answered by Atheists. In fact, I dare say it's impossible for them to answer it. So, what is this question?

"What is the proof and evidence that atheism is accurate and correct?"

I'm sure a lot of readers already know why this question has never been answered, and can never be answered. The question simply makes no sense.

In the first place "proof" does not exist. As such, evidence is all we have. Evidence cannot prove anything, only make it unreasonable to see things any other way. This is what's known as demonstrating beyond a reasonable doubt. This is the closest we can have to proof of any kind, and even this can be shown to be wrong if we find enough evidence against it.

Second, in order for something to be accurate, it has to be correct in all details. It has to correlate to reality as we know it. This means that saying both accurate and correct is just redundant.

So how does this work with Atheism? Put simply, it doesn't. There is no relation at all between the position of Atheism and this question.

Atheism cannot have evidence for or against it as it is simply a lack of belief. The position of Atheism is based entirely off the lack of convincing evidence for deities. It is impossible to have evidence for or against a position like that.

Atheism also cannot be "accurate" in any sense because it doesn't offer anything. In order for something to require accuracy, it has to have a mark it's trying to hit, a point it's trying to make. Atheism is a rejection of a point, not a point in itself. There is nothing to be accurate about.

So, can you see why this question can't be answered, why it makes no sense? Just because it's possible to ask a question that doesn't mean it has an answer.

Why do apples chop fewer logs than shoes? The question makes no sense. You'd think I was crazy if I seriously asked that question. Well, it's the same as the above question. Anyone who seriously asks that question doesn't understand what they're asking at all.

So if you see this question going around, try not to get too worked up over it. Just tell them it makes no sense and calmly explain why. If they still don't get it, they're not worth worrying about.

Let them have their nonsense and just focus on reality.