Monday, November 1, 2010

Lacking Gain

I talk with many Theists online, and watch many videos by them. I don't always take things as they come and will sometimes look into a person before considering what they have to offer. Some good people get things wrong and some bad people get things right. It's always good to consider everything before passing judgement.

In this vein, one Theist I happened upon was asking questions of his own to any Atheist that would listen. While most were presented in the form of an attack, one did get to me.

"If Atheism is a 'lack of belief' then how can you gain anything from it?"

While, again, this was an attempted attack on Atheism, I thought it was a decent question and worthy of an answer. The inherent problem, however, is that we don't gain anything. There is nothing to gain from Atheism. On the other hand, there are things to gain by leaving Theism, which had taken them away.

Now, I'm not going to attack Theism by claiming "intelligence" or "morality" is what is taken away. The majority of Theists are intelligent and moral and there are a few Atheists that are unintelligent and amoral. All groups have these characteristics as they are a part of humanity. However, if you have been struggling with your belief, it has been taking away your peace. If it has made you do things you don't want to, then it has taken your happiness. If you'd rather not attend a ceremony for your religion, it has taken your freedom.

One argument made about Atheism is that it should not exist as a term. Non-Stamp-Collecting is not a term, so Atheism should not be a term. And, just like not collecting stamps, there is nothing to gain from Atheism apart from what you had lost. Collecting stamps takes time, energy, space, and at times a great deal of money. Not collecting stamps will save you all of those.

This is not to say you only lose with Theism. You can gain peace, happiness, and freedom from Theism, but only if Theism is for you. If a Theist that is happy with their current life becomes an Atheist, they may actually lose what they had gained from their Theism.

Atheism is not for everyone, which is why this blog does not attempt to force it upon anyone. It's up to you. If you believe in gods, go with Theism. If not, join us.

You have nothing to gain from Atheism, but you also have nothing to lose.

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