Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Bond Greater Than Spiritual

As The months has become February, many young minds are looking forward to the one day of the year when it is acceptable for macho men to consider the colors pink and purple in a serious way. Many people think of Valentine's Day as the most romantic day of the year, and the perfect day to show that person you are with that your truly love them. While some may be offering candies and flowers to their loved one, others are taking the day more seriously by taking the next step. What is the next step? I'm glad you asked, as it brings us to this month's question.

"How do Atheists get married?"

Believe it or not, the process is very similar, but the devil's in the details, if you'll pardon the pun. Traditionally, these days, marriage is a religious ceremony. Any time anyone wants to get married they perform a ritual based on their religion. But atheists may not have a religion to fall back on. So how does an Atheist hold a wedding? Here's the part you might not believe. There actually are Atheists that can perform marriage ceremonies!

Thanks to sites like FirstChurchofAtheism.com there are ways of gaining the ability to marry people, legally, for free. These people then join couples, legally, and even get paid to do so! Of course, to actually do this, you'd have to be serious about wanting the job. Otherwise, everyone would hate you for not doing it the way they wanted it and you wouldn't get any money at all.

And that's the real kicker, here. Since this is an Atheist wedding, you can have it any way you want! As long as nothing is illegal, you can do whatever you want at your wedding. There are no religious rules to follow, no color scheme, no decorations, none of it is needed. If you want to get really technical, you don't even need the person to join the couple. The government provided piece of paper that you both sign does that for you.

So if you are an Atheist, you are considering spending the rest of your life with someone, and you'd like to make it official, there are ways of doing so, without compromising your beliefs or throwing away your dream. Never give up the search or the dream.

Hopefully this will give some people that last bit of courage they need to pop the question this February 14th.

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